Find The Best Hotels In Near Laltarao Bridge Haridwar

Laltarao Bridge is a bridge located in the city of Haridwar, in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. It spans across the Ganges River, which is considered to be a sacred river by Hindus.

The Laltarao Bridge is an important landmark in Haridwar and is used by locals and tourists alike to cross the river. It is also an important route for transportation and commerce in the area. The bridge is located near the famous Har Ki Pauri ghat, which is a popular destination for Hindu pilgrims.

The Laltarao Bridge was constructed in the early 1900s by the British government during their rule in India. It was built to replace an older wooden bridge that was unable to handle the increasing traffic and weight of modern vehicles. The bridge is made of steel and is supported by a series of pillars that extend deep into the riverbed.

Today, the Laltarao Bridge is an important part of the infrastructure in Haridwar, providing a vital link between the two sides of the city. It is also a popular spot for tourists who come to admire the view of the Ganges River and the surrounding landscape.